Chart: Women in Ministry in Early Centuries

Who is Doing the Work?:

Church history is full of female martyrs. There probably thousands of women who died for the charge of Christianity. Here I recored a very scant handfull. There are also many more deaconesses and women who spread the gospel in the centuries after the Apotles.This is only a small sample.

Women in Gospels

Mary the MotherGospelsTheotokas
Mary MagdelineGospelswitness to Resurrection/evangelist
Mary BethanyJohnfriend of Jesus
Martha BethanyJohnfriend of Jesus
SusanaLuke 8:1-3helper
JoanaLuke 24first witness to Resurrection/evangelist
SalomeMark 16first witness to resurrection/evangelist
Sameritan womanJohnwitness Jesus' ministry/evangelist
Mrs PilateLukedefended Jesus to Pilate

Women in Early Chruch (in NT)

PhoebeRom 16:1minister/President chruch Cenchrea
PriscillaRom 16:3Teacher/chruch leader
MaryRom 16:6church worker
PersisRom 16:6church worker
JuniaRom 16:7Apostle
TryphenaRom 16:12church worker
TryphosaRom 16:12church worker
Mother of RufusRom 16:13Motherly figure
JuliaRom 16:15saint
Sister of NereusRom 16:15Christian greeted by Paul
EuodiaPhilipians 4co-worker of Paul
SyntychePhilipians 4co-worker of Paul
ApphiaPhilemon 2house chruch leader
Lydia of ThyatiraActs 16:15house chruch leader
Nympha of LaodiceaColossians 4:15house chruch leader
Four Daughers PhilipActs 21:8-9Prophetesses, teachers, historians
Elect Lady(?)II Johnchruch leader

Age of Apostolic Fathers (post NT)

Marianne("sister of Philip")1western canondeconess/prophetess
Flavia Domatillalate 1Western canonmartyr
Theckla*late 1Eastern canonApostle/prophetess/founder of community
Ammia of Philidelphia**early 2Eusebius Chapter XVII. via Miltiadesprominant prophetess
Unnamed Prophetess Carthageearly 3Tertullian (On the Soul 9.4)prophetess/healer/ teacher
unnamed Prophetess of Asia Minor Prophetess,mid 3Cyprian (Epistle 74.10)ecstatic prophetess/healer/celibrated eucharist and baptized.
2 Unnamed Deaconessesmid 2Pliny Letter to Trajan 10.96Deaconesses/tortured
Nina of Georgia (Cappadocia)3/4canon/legondslave/preacher/cured Queen Nana of Georiga, converted nation.
Paula of Bethlehem347-404canonealry monastic
ST.Melania the Elder343-409canonPatroness/Pilgrim/evangleist/friend of Augustine
Clotilde474- 54539converted Franks through husband Clovis
Meliana younger383-439canonfounder of commuities/Patron/early monastic
St. Catherine of Alexandria305canonvisionary/evengelist to Philosophers/martyr
Amprucla4thSt John Chrysostom Epistle ciiideaconess/social reformer
Pentadia4thChrysostom epistle civsocial reformer/deaconess
Olypia4thChrysostom 17 letters to herhead deaconess Constantinople/social reformer/liberator
Unnamed Deaconessess Alexandria4thTheadoret (lauding them for their zeal and devotiondeaconesses
Macrina (sister of St. Basil)Gregory of Nissay Life of Macrina5deacnoness/founder of community at Annesi in Pontus
Unnamed female preists of Itally5Gelasius, Epistle 14.26priests

*Theckla is a saint in the Eastern chruch, she was attested by several chruch fathers, who called her "equal to the Apostles," she was also said to have "enlightened many," euphimism for batpism.

**She was very pomenant in her day, and is held up as a standard againt the montanists.