"The truth is, had some of these expositors been one tenth as broad as St. Paul on the "woman question," and honest besides, we should never have been taught these pitiful, puerile and ego-centric perversions of Paul's meaning."

--Katherine Bushnell

No Biblical Grounds for Female Submission

Curse on Eve? (1)

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Grounds for Equality (1)

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"Headship"the Meankng of kefalh

.....Kephale means "source"

.....Battle for The Lexicons

.....Head and Submission (Ephesians 5:21-33)

.....Power Over Her Own Head (1 Cor 11:4-14)

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Let Women Speak in the Church

Not Permitted to Teach? (5 pages)

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Gnostic Women Teachers of Ephesus (1 of 2)


Examples of  Female Teachers in Bible

Who is Doing the Work? the decisive argument

Chart: Women in Church Authority in Early Centuries,

Katherine Bushnell

Katherine Bushnell was born February 5, 1856, in Peru, Illinois, was a medical doctor, and a learned scholar of Hebrew and Greek. The Anchorage Mission in Chicago was started by her. It housed abandoned women-up to as many as 5,000 in one year. In 1888 she went to Wisconsin lumber camps and brought white slavery in the camps to the forefront. After going to India, Bushnell got involved in exposing the Indian Government's control of prostitution and went to the United Kingdom to try to stop it. She stayed in England for some time and eventually won the praise of the English government for her work in India. Much of her research was from the great libraries and museums of England. Upon returning to the United States in the early 1920's Bushnell lived in California where she worked on her book God's Word to Women which was published in 1923. She still continued her social work and was active until her death at 90 years of age on January 26, 1946.

--From the Website God's Word to Women. org.What they don't include is that she was a missionary to China and studied languages at Northwestern University in Chicago.